If you have clicked through to here, you have likely been through some level of start-up activity for a short or an extended period of time and have established the foundation of your business. As owners or leaders you are now imagining what comes next and are ready to translate growth ambition into operational execution and business success.  You are starting to realise that you can no longer do this alone and you’d like a partner to help you create and execute a people strategy that is right sized for your business.  You don’t want big company processes and procedures.  You want to bring some structure, keep it simple and create success through, with and for your people.

The three links below provide examples of different packages that outline how we would commence working with you dependent on the current size and stage of evolution of your company.  Click through for information tailored to you.

       Essentials – 2-3 person businesses          Scale Up – up to 15 person businesses          Next Steps – 15+ team members

If you are ready for a partner to stand by your side and support you as you take the next stages of development for your business, please contact us for an initial chat and to check out if we might be an authentic match for you and your business.  

This is how we, at Perspektivs, describe our purpose.  This is how we, help you 'do' Human Resources.

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