Our a partnership approach focuses on knowing you, your business and your motivations for growth or change.  We focus on creating a relationship where you are authentically you, and we are authentically us.  When we start from there our partnership is natural and easy as we seek to diagnose and then help you with your greatest priorities for you, your team and / or your business.

We believe the origins for your greatest success will come from within your organisation.  We will bring our own experience and ideas to the table and throw them in the mix however we won't bring our predetermined answers.  Our belief is that the quickest and most sustainable path to your success will come via the untapped insights and ideas that are bubbling away within.  Through aligning business values with the personal values of your people and enabling them to bring their diversity of thought and true selves to work you will create an outcome focused culture.  A culture defined by open communication, robust problem solving, agility and accountability.  In this environment, you will create different conversations and your people will thrive.  

We do not push generic solutions or templates; we tailor our support to focus on your highest priorities and together we will right-size solutions for your business.  What we do changes with every client however our established process, whether we are working with you as a business, a team or an individual, involves a few key steps:

  • Diagnose – provide fresh perspektivs. We will lift the bonnet and take a good look at what is underneath 
  • Provide Insights – your people’s perspektivs, our perspektivs. We will hold up a mirror and ask you to look with an open mind, share different perspectives and help you explore and understand what you see 
  • Create Strategy – a commercial perspektiv. Together we will then create the plan to unlock and deliver on the potential
  • We’ll also help you execute. Sometimes an extra pair of arms and legs are the best investment you can make to bring your strategy to life.

Undergoing these steps together is how we establish our partnership and how you create the business culture you desire.  We have all invested time in workplaces that feel stifling and it is just not worth the heartache.  Being completely you in the workplace can feel challenging at first however it is ultimately enormously liberating.  Bringing your true self to work really is the easiest and most fun path to success.  We live this concept ourselves and bring it to our clients.

We love what we do, and we inspire leaders to think more creatively about their people.  If you lead authenitcally, others will follow you.  This is the path to achieving greater commercial success.  

This is how we, at Perspektivs, describe our purpose.  This is how we, help you 'do' Human Resources.

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